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PDO Threads

If you want to get a PDO thread lift in Costa Mesa, Nurse Christine is the provider for you. She has extensive experience and over 50 credentials that make her the best choice for your PDO thread lift. 

How a Thread Lift Can Help You Look Younger

PDO stands for polydioxanone, and it is used in facial threading to improve aged, sagging skin. 

PDO thread lifts are great for restoring smoothness to skin with lots of wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines. Unlike a surgical facelift, PDO thread lifts are more convenient and less invasive. 

Nurse Christine uses her skills and experience to place either barbed threads or non-barbed threads into your face. Then, she strategically shifts them to lift the skin on your face and create more skin elasticity. 

You can get youthful, tight skin again with PDO thread lifts!


FDA-Approved Medical Aesthetics Treatment

The FDA has approved PDO thread lifts for skin tightening and elasticity enhancements. Nurse Christine follows all safety and sanitation protocols, ensuring you get the best immediate and final results possible. 

PDO threads are minimally invasive, placing less demand on your body compared to surgical procedures. PDO threads offer a minimally invasive and effective solution for rejuvenating and lifting the skin, providing natural-looking results without the need for extensive surgery or downtime.

Increases Collagen
BPA Free

Smooth Threads vs. Cogged Threads

Nurse Christine offers two types of PDO thread lifts — smooth and cogged. Both types of threads are beneficial for your skin’s elasticity and structural support, but they offer different advantages. 

smooth threads

Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction

Smooth threads are solely for tightening your facial skin. 

Nurse Christine places smooth threads underneath your skin in areas that need wrinkle reduction and smoothing. Then she pulls them into a grid-like pattern to ensure your skin stays elastic and youthful. 

The smooth threads pull your skin into a flat, smooth position for anti-aging effects. 

cogged threads

Sagging Skin Support

Cogged threads offer more structural support for your skin. If you struggle with facial sagging and deep wrinkles, cogged threads may be for you. 

Cogged threads are best for extreme jowls, sagging cheeks, and other concerns with the framework of your face. The cogs uphold your skin and offer more lift than a traditional smooth thread. 

Depending on the severity of your facial aging, you may need cogged threads instead of smooth threads. 

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Get a PDO Thread Lift for Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation

Nurse Christine offers skilled PDO thread lifts in Costa Mesa, CA. Come in for a consultation to see if a PDO thread lift is right for you!

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