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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments that reverse aging, skin damage, and other concerns. The benefits of chemical peels seem endless. 

Here’s what you should know about Nurse Christine’s choice of chemical peel treatments — VI peels. 

VI Peel Treatment Options

There are a few different Vitality Institute chemical peels that achieve top-tier skin-enhancing results. Each peel has unique benefits, including smoother texture, new tissue growth, and post-treatment care kits. 

VI Peel Original

The original VI peel is perfect for patients of all ages, skin types, and skin concerns. Nurse Christine uses the original peel to refresh and rejuvenate your skin without irritating sensitive skin. 

If you experience early signs of aging (in your 20s) or rough skin texture, the VI original peel is perfect for you!

VI Peel Purify

The purifying VI peel addresses hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and active acne breakouts. If your skin needs a deep cleanse and purification to reset, this chemical peel is best for you. 

VI Peel Purify is considered two treatments in one. It gets rid of excess pigmentation and addresses deep scarring — all while refreshing your complexion!

VI Peel Precision Plus

The VI Peel Precision Plus is great for skin resurfacing. It’s a medium-depth chemical peel that suppresses melanin production, which helps you avoid hyperpigmentation. 

If you want an even skin tone, a brighter complexion, and a more youthful appearance, the VI Peel Precision Plus is the treatment for you. 

Caring for Your Skin After a Chemical Peel

Nurse Christine keeps patient comfort in mind every step of the way. She provides a post-treatment care kit for every patient who gets a chemical peel. After your chemical peel, you should follow all post-treatment instructions. Your skin may be extra sensitive to UV rays in the days following your peel, so it is crucial to take precautions to protect your skin from sun exposure. Follow up your treatment with medical-grade skin care for the best, longest-lasting results. 

Get a Chemical Peel in Costa Mesa

Ready to relax with Nurse Christine? Get a brighter, clearer complexion with one of her premium chemical peels. Her skin care treatments are designed to give you the best facial aesthetics, from anti-aging to skin texture rejuvenation. 

Nurse Christine uses over two decades of knowledge and experience to complete each skin care treatment. Every patient matters — you’re not just a number when you work with Nurse Christine. Come in for your chemical peel to refresh and renew your skin!

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