Kybella is an innovative treatment that can actually dissolve facial fat cells. If you want to naturally dissolve stubborn fat in your face, Kybella injections in Costa Mesa are for you.

eliminate stubborn fat

Non-Invasive Fat-Dissolving Treatment

Kybella has a special formula that breaks down small areas of subcutaneous fat. The deoxycholic acid formula helps get rid of your double chin, bra fat, and jowls without surgery.

Deoxycholic acid naturally breaks down the cell membranes of stubborn subcutaneous fat cells directly underneath your skin. This stubborn fat is what causes double chins and jowls, along with other unsightly pockets of fat.

Say goodbye to these areas of excess fat and hello to a confident new you with Kybella, which offers a wealth of benefits to patients like you.

Permanent Subcutaneous Fat Reduction

Once Kybella gets rid of the fat cells in your chin, back, and jawline, they cannot come back. The cell membranes are no longer functional, and your body eliminates the fat as waste.

This permanent elimination means you never have to worry about the same fat returning. You can enjoy your enhanced chin and facial profile without additional treatments once you reach your goals.

Non-Surgical Procedure

Many patients want to avoid cosmetic surgery. Surgical treatments can require lots of downtime, preparation, and limitations after the procedure.

Kybella is a simple cosmetic injection that reduces fat cells and enhances your appearance. Nurse Christine can apply Kybella to almost any area that contains stubborn fat pockets.

Surgery isn’t necessary to reach your aesthetic goals. With Nurse Christine, you can get the aesthetic you want without invasive procedures.

Say Good-Bye to Double Chins and Fat Pockets

Many patients are embarrassed and self-conscious about their double chins, round jawline, and other fat pockets. With Kybella, you can feel more confident and take pride in your facial appearance.

Kybella has a high patient satisfaction rate, which means that the majority of patients who receive Kybella injections are happy with their results. Long-term subcutaneous fat reduction in your face is possible with Kybella.

Melt Away Stubborn Fat with Kybella

Nurse Christine is dedicated to giving you the best results possible. She will listen to your concerns about facial fat and other stubborn pockets of body fat. She will then craft an individualized treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Some cosmetic treatments are long, invasive, and confusing. Kybella is the opposite — it’s convenient, non-surgical, and simple. Now that you know the science behind it, don’t wait. Book your consultation with Nurse Christine today!

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